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Data Protection

The DARWIN EU® Coordination Center (CC) executes studies in its distributed data network using a federated approach in which analytical code is shared with the data partners and only aggregated study results are shared with the CC. In this privacy-by-design approach additional measures can be added, for example a minimum cell count, to comply to local governance rules. With each data partner an Agreement is setup that includes information about this procedure.  More information about study execution can be found here.

The latest version of the Record of Processing Activities (ROPA) can be found under Related Documents below. For more information also see the Data protection notice.

Cookie Policy

At the DARWIN EU® Coordination Center website, we use cookies to enable the technical functioning of this website. In addition, if you consent to it, we use cookies to collect your browsing experience on our website. This enables us to collect anonymous statistics to help us improve our website and services. For more information see the Cookie Policy in this website.

Conflict of Interest

The studies and analyses conducted in DARWIN EU® shall be conducted in accordance with the principle of scientific independence, as set out under the ENCePP Code of Conduct.

According to ENCePP, scientific independence means that:

  • the primary purpose of the study shall be to generate evidence of potential scientific or public health importance and not to promote the use of a medicinal product or any specific outcome;
  • the design of the research shall aim at minimising any potential bias;
  • any financial, commercial, institutional, or personal interest in a particular outcome of the study (i.e., in the results and their interpretation) at the level of the organisation(s) initiating or funding the study and of the coordinating study entity and/or the researcher(s) conducting the study, shall not influence any decision on the scientific aspects of the study in any direction, including data collection and analysis, interpretation and dissemination of the study results.

Where relevant, the definitions and principles set out under EMA Policy 0044 shall also be applied.

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